Christmas Success!

Hey Guys! I got a Kindle Paperwhite 2 for Christmas and I'm LOVING it! I also got some Amazon Gift Cards to get some books with! I'm so excited I get to read thousands of book in one little device, so handy! I can't wait to read even more interesting books! I purchased quite a bit of books I got Pet Sematary, Trueblood's Plight (The Wynrith Chronicles Book 1), Fire Bringer, Felidae - Special U.S. EditionWhat If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions And more! I can't wait to read all these amazing books!


I hope you guys had an amazing holiday!

What did you guys get for Christmas anything Geeky or Awesome!? Let me know!



- Lia Berg A.K.A Ayala Deer