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Hey Name's Lia but you can call me Ayala. I'm a huge reader and I love words! I'm a writer, artist, animal lover! I am quite the geeky person! I collect comics, i cosplay/fursuit, and a lot more geeky stuff that I forget at this moment!

Hey Guys!

Haven't updated in a while but I started my book and have art of it already!

Here's the forest guardian of one of nine Sacred forest of Ireland!

He's the Forest Guardian in the wood Faelon (The main character Lives and helps protect) Hope you guys like the art! I need to draw a cover for the book still! I'm hoping to commission it though!

The Last Dogs:The Vanishing Update!

The Last Dogs: The Vanishing - Christopher Holt, Greg Call, Jeff Sampson


Rocky is my favorite character of this series so far. He's a sassy dachshund who looks like this. I have a dachshund as well and I can imagine him being sassy and acting like rocky. My dog hates to get his pads wet. and Rocky is the same way. They are also simliar by loving food. Dogs are so food driven they make me giggle. Anyway I'm loving this book so far!  Can't wait to finish this book so I can see what happens next! 


Here's my Dachshund Pepper, when he was just a puppy. This is first day we got him. and he was love at first sight! Love this dog. He understands my feelings and even when I'm feeling down he's right there next to me. Such a great dog!

New Novel coming out by yours truley

Hey everyone, I think I"m going to be starting a novel. And quite frankly I'm quite excited! I've written my whole life and I think it's about time I start publishing stories. I hope people will love this tale as much as I do!


I still need to figure out quite a few things for this book, but i'm far away from it being published, Wish me luck!


Two-Faced Master!

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Vladimir Nabokov, Dan Chaon, Robert Louis Stevenson

I decided to read this book because my favorite super-hero (The Incredible Hulk) was based on Dr. Jekyll and his works and as well as Frankenstein. But anyway I really really did enjoy this short read it was a amazing tale about a Doctor named Henry Jekyll who tampered with a draught/potion that transformed him into Edward Hyde, a more large, gruff, evil man who likes to get blood on his hands.


The Ending really did get me though. I was quite disappointed it had to end that way. But I could see where Jekyll was coming from, not being able to see an end when the transformations happened on their own accord.But he could of found a cure, but of course that means the longer he's alive the more people Hyde will kill. What a shame it had to end that way. Quite sad.


 I really did enjoy this one and can't wait to see more stories like this one come out into the market!




-Lia Berg A.K.A Ayala Deer

The Lady In the Mist

The Lady in the Mist (A Werewolf's Tale) - Sample - Catherine Wolffe

Well First off what I was surprised with about this book is that, well it's a very intimate romance novel. Which I didn't think it was when I read the description. I should of known better, but I did enjoy this short story. I found quite a few spelling errors in this ebook. but I wasn't deterred.

But the one thing I was hoping this novel to be was an awesome werewolf Civil war Novel with guts and gore, but it just ended up being a mushy werewolf sex book. But I'm not going to lie the writing in the sex scene was pretty decent. That's about all I have to say about this one! I did enjoy it, but I"m warning you it's NOT an amazing Civil War Werewolf Story, it's more mushy and romance-y at most. 




The Ritual, More like the Creeptual

The Ritual - Adam Nevill

Wowie, Wow wow wow, This wasn't what i expected this book to be. It was great none the less!

Dom, Phil, Hutch,and Luke go to Sweden for a vacation since they haven't seen each other in years. But soon things go sour when they take a shortcut through a thick creepy forest. Full of runes, creepy abandoned buildings, and a terrifying church


I really enjoyed this one but I wasn't scared out of my wits like I wanted it to do. It was creepy at best! 


So with that I give this awesome book **** out of ***** 




Christmas Success!

Hey Guys! I got a Kindle Paperwhite 2 for Christmas and I'm LOVING it! I also got some Amazon Gift Cards to get some books with! I'm so excited I get to read thousands of book in one little device, so handy! I can't wait to read even more interesting books! I purchased quite a bit of books I got Pet Sematary, Trueblood's Plight (The Wynrith Chronicles Book 1), Fire Bringer, Felidae - Special U.S. EditionWhat If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions And more! I can't wait to read all these amazing books!


I hope you guys had an amazing holiday!

What did you guys get for Christmas anything Geeky or Awesome!? Let me know!



- Lia Berg A.K.A Ayala Deer


Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've been reading up a storm lately. I'v been reading The Ritual by Adam Nevill! It's pretty enjoyable so far but I honestly didn't find it Terrifying like i was hoping it to be. It's creepy at best. I love the character development so far, With Luke and Dom. It's a great read if you like camping/Horror books! I'm about 60% through the book. So let's see if it gets any scarier! 


-Lia Berg A.K.A Ayala the Deer


Merry Christmas You Flithy Muggles
Merry Christmas You Flithy Muggles

Thanks for the chance to win NICE books BookLikes! I really appreciate it!. In this photo I'm sporting my harry potter ugly Christmas sweater with my kindle LOADED with harry potter books and more! Hope everyone has an amazing Holiday! Here's my Sweater I'm wearing in the photo!!!! 

Ugly Harry Potter Sweater!

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