☢Lia Berg☢

Hey Name's Lia but you can call me Ayala. I'm a huge reader and I love words! I'm a writer, artist, animal lover! I am quite the geeky person! I collect comics, i cosplay/fursuit, and a lot more geeky stuff that I forget at this moment!

Currently reading

Sword of Destiny
Andrzej Sapkowski
Progress: 108/375 pages
Naomi Novik
Progress: 69 %
The Jigsaw Man
Gord Rollo
Progress: 17 %
Pet Sematary
Stephen King
Progress: 355/576 pages
The Ultimate Hulk
Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Nancy Holder, Thomas Deja, Dennis Brabham, James A. Wolf, Ken Grobe, Glenn Greenberg, Richard C. White, Stan Timmons, Steven A. Roman, Danny Fingeroth, Pierce Askegren, Sholly Fisch, Steve Lyons, Will Murray, Mary Jo Duffy, Stan Lee, Chri
Progress: 249/352 pages
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré
Progress: 98/652 pages
The Dragonet Prophecy
Tui T. Sutherland
Progress: 77/304 pages