The Lady In the Mist

The Lady in the Mist (A Werewolf's Tale) - Sample - Catherine Wolffe

Well First off what I was surprised with about this book is that, well it's a very intimate romance novel. Which I didn't think it was when I read the description. I should of known better, but I did enjoy this short story. I found quite a few spelling errors in this ebook. but I wasn't deterred.

But the one thing I was hoping this novel to be was an awesome werewolf Civil war Novel with guts and gore, but it just ended up being a mushy werewolf sex book. But I'm not going to lie the writing in the sex scene was pretty decent. That's about all I have to say about this one! I did enjoy it, but I"m warning you it's NOT an amazing Civil War Werewolf Story, it's more mushy and romance-y at most.