The Last Dogs:The Vanishing Update!

The Last Dogs: The Vanishing - Christopher Holt, Greg Call, Jeff Sampson


Rocky is my favorite character of this series so far. He's a sassy dachshund who looks like this. I have a dachshund as well and I can imagine him being sassy and acting like rocky. My dog hates to get his pads wet. and Rocky is the same way. They are also simliar by loving food. Dogs are so food driven they make me giggle. Anyway I'm loving this book so far!  Can't wait to finish this book so I can see what happens next! 


Here's my Dachshund Pepper, when he was just a puppy. This is first day we got him. and he was love at first sight! Love this dog. He understands my feelings and even when I'm feeling down he's right there next to me. Such a great dog!