Hulk: Gray - Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

This comic just evokes so many emotions for me.I just, really, love this book. It literally one of the saddest comics I've read in a long. The art is really interesting in this book, with the little watercolor accents really makes this comic's art stand out. The writing is on point, and very very sad. I love that they made this comic mostly about my favorite hulk characters. Betty Ross and Bruce Banner. This scene below is when Hulk is trying to show kindness and accidentally kills his bunny friend. It's so heartbreaking. I just have no words how this hits home for me. Thanks for reading this mumble gumble of me raving about this book. Please Please Please  READ This book! It's amazing and just let's you see how Bruce Banner's world started out in chaos after the G-Bomb accident.